• Printing operations

    Printing operations

    In a modern flexo printing press, each print unit comprises of: Anilox roller: a cylinder of highly engineered metal and/or ceramic, which is laser engraved with minute cells of a given angle, line screen, and volume to deliver the required fineness of print Chambered doctor blade system:  a device that delivers a measured amount of ink to the cells of the anilox roller Rubber rolls: an alternative system to the chambered doctor blade, consisting of two rubber rolls in contact with each ot...
  • Flange


    Material: 42CrMo
    Applied to light rail, low floor vehicle, high speed train, bullet train and tram, the capacity of flanges is over one thousand pieces every year; special for clients, we supplied for Bombardier(China & Europ),skoda(Czech),China train.
  • Tool cabinet

    Tool cabinet

    Including storage cabinet, access system, video monitoring system, background management system, identity identification system and other subsystems, as a convenient service facilities, with high frequency use, good user stickiness, rigid demand and other characteristics. The tool cabinet is perfect to solve the existing shortcomings and fit the user experience.
  • Remote body temperature scanning device

    Remote body temperature scanning device

    No contact remote scanning temperature measurement
    Data collection and upload
    No-contacting spray disinfection for the whole body
  • security equipment

    security equipment

    Viv ® XT2080AD is a new generation of CT baggage/item inspection system independently developed and manufactured by tongfang viv technology co., LTD.The system innovatively integrates dual-energy material identification technology and spiral CT scanning technology, which can obtain multi-dimensional information such as the density and effective atomic number of the measured items, and automatically detect various kinds of contraband such as explosives/liquid explosives/drugs, with higher detection rate and lower false alarm rate.
    XT2080AD has a dual-energy spiral CT detection system and an independent DR detection system, which can acquire color hd 3d images, CT section images and DR images respectively.The XT2080AD channel is larger in size and has a higher pass rate, which can be widely used for security inspection in airports, customs, stations, large events and other sensitive places.